Disco Splatters


Producers/DJ duo DISCO SPLATTERS was born exploiting a will: submitting their own style in the world of Electro Music, spurred by new Maximal, Indie and Nu Disco realities. Disco Splatters have choosen extremely squeezed synths, more than aggressive basslines and full-bodied kicks. After their first official releases for BOMBEATZ (USA) and FILTHY BITCH(UK), a legendary figure of the electro scene noticed them: Miles Dyson.  They have also been supported by big shots like : Fukkk Offf, Rico Tubbs, Alex Mind, Access Denied, etc.

Disco Splatters keep on receiving requests for remixes and originals, from several european labels (Dirty Drop, Ventuno, Melonsound, Hot Small, Fresh Pump) so this Italian duo is jam packed with work.